Sizabantu Export recently supplied all PVC piping and accessories for one of the largest irrigation projects on the west coast of Africa in recent history.


  • total required meters of piping for this project was 40 000m.
  • Total PVC tons supplied 740 tons.
  • 68 x 40’’ Full nested containers
  • Pressure classes from class 6 to class 16
  • Diameters – 160, 200, 250, 315, 255, 400, 450, 500

As Sizabantu’s world class factory specialises in the manufacture of PVC-M, U and O –  Sizabantu export were able to offer the clients the best and most cost effective options for the required diameters and pressures across these 3 materials.

A mix of low pressure (PN6-9) MPVC and High pressure (PN12 to 16) TOM 500 PVC-O were the pipes of choice which offered the best technical performance for long terms cost saving to the end user aswell as an immediate short term saving on the cost of materials.

Sizabantu export also assisted the clients with all logistics, offering a further saving in loading costs and cross border fee’s by utilising their broad network of experienced shipping contacts.

Sizabantu not only offers manufactured and traded product but also offer high level technical services and advise to the engineers which assist them to make the most informed choice of which materials to use for their projects. This project was a perfect example of collaboration across all spectrums of service and supply and the ability to offer complete pipeline solutions from ‘’dam to tap’’, making the consultants and clients job much easier.

We are proudly Sizabantu Exports.