PVC-M (Modified PVC) is essentially an alloy of the PVC-U polymer and several modifying agents that improve ductility as well as resistance to impact and crack growth. These improved material characteristics allow for a thinner wall, larger internal diameter and increased hydraulic efficiency than PVC-U pipe of the same nominal diameter and pressure class.


mPVC pressure pipe is distributed by Sizabantu Piping Systems (Pty) ltd though a network of Divisions throughout South Africa. It is also distributed to Southern Africa through Sizabantu Exports, which focusses on countries outside South African borders.

The prices reflected are indicative only, and for use when preparing a budget or project estimate. The price list is subject to change without prior notice and is further subject to Sizabantu Piping Systems’ terms and conditions, available on the website. For accurate pricing estimates, click on “request a quote” button, or contact anyone of our many Divisions in the respective area.

Pipe Specifications

  • mPVC is manufactured to SANS 966 Part 2 specification.
  • mPVC is available in sizes 50mm to 630mm diameter.
  • mPVC is available in pressure classes 6 bar to 25 bar.
  • mPVC is ideally suited for lower pressure applications like Irrigation and low pressure gravity mains.
  • mPVC has a safety factor of 1.25 pressure rating.
  • mPVC has a design life of 50 years.

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