Some frequently asked questions to get you answers faster.

A few Frequently asked questions to help get to your answers faster and more efficiently.

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1. What is TOM500 PVC-O and what makes it different?

TOM500 PVC-O is a PVC pipe that is manufactured in a manner, where the molecular structure of the PVC is pipe is changed, thereby adding to the strength, flexibility, ductility  and ability to handle stress fatigue.

2. What are the sizes available for PVC pipe?

    1. Sizatuff mPVC pipe is available in sizes 50mm up to 630mm
    2. Sizaflo uPVC pipe is available in sizes 50mm up to 630mm
    3. TOM500 PVC-O is available in sizes 90mm up to 1200mm

3. Does PVC pipe have an SANS standard and specification?

    1. Yes, Sizatuff mPVC is manufactured to SANS 966 part 2.
    2. Sizaflo uPVC is manufactured to SANS 966 part 1.
    3. TOM500 PVC-O is manufactured to SANS 16422.

4. Does Sizabantu manufacture themselves and is it manufactured locally?

Sizabantu Piping Systems has a manufacturing facility in the Industrial Development Zone in Richards Bay, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. From this state of the art plant, we manufacture mPVC, uPVC and PVC-O pipe. We distribute this pipe throughout Southern Africa through a diverse network of Divisions and agencies.

5. Is Sizabantu Piping Systems B-BBEE compliant?

Sizabantu Piping Systems are currently a level 1 contributor to the BBBEE legislation. We strive daily to position our business, and the activities in our business, to further improve and empower our BBBEE contribution.

6. Does Sizabantu export?

Sizabantu Piping Systems has a dedicated Export Division who operates throughout Southern Africa, including Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles.

7. Can Sizabantu do a presentation for us on the various products?

Sizabantu Piping Systems has a dedicated team of qualified Engineers who conduct our presentations. We have a CPD accreditation and can arrange for a presentation on pipelines as well as components, free of charge. Simply click on the “request a presentation” button and we will be in contact with you.