TOM500 PVC-O | SANS 16422

Manufactured to SANS specification, TOM500 PVC-O incorporates the latest technology available to produce a product that has unbeatable impact and fatigue resistance, for use on Bulk Water and high pressure pipelines.

TOM500® PVC-O pipes are the most advanced pipes for the conveyance of high-pressure water currently available on the market, with a number of exceptional features for this kind of application, thanks to the process of molecular orientation. PVC is essentially an amorphous polymer in which the molecules are located randomly. However, under certain conditions of pressure, temperature and speed, by stretching the material, it is possible to orient the polymer molecules in the same direction as which the material has been stretched. Depending on the process parameters used and mostly stretch ratio, a higher or lower orientation degree will be obtained. The result is a plastic with a layered structure which layers can be seen at a glance.

While the Molecular Orientation process greatly enhances the PVC’s physical and mechanical properties, it makes no difference to either the benefits or chemical properties of the original polymer. This makes for a plastic with an unbeatable tensile strength and fatigue, ductility and resistance to impact.



Pipe Specifications

  • TOM500 PVC-O is manufactured in accordance with various standards. It is also manufactured to the I S O 16422 and S A N S 16422 specification in South Africa.
  • Molecor South Africa (M S A) and Sizabantu Piping Systems Manufacturing (S P S M), are both accredited I S O 9001 manufacturing facilities.
  • TOM500 PVC-O is manufactured to a Class 500 degree of orientation.
  • TOM500 PVC-O is manufactured in diameters 90mm – 800mm.
  • TOM500 PVC-O is manufactured in pressure classes PN12.5, PN16, PN20 and PN25.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TOM500 PVC-O and what makes it different?

TOM500 PVC-O is a PVC pipe that is manufactured in a manner, where the molecular structure of the PVC is pipe is changed, thereby adding to the strength, flexibility, ductility  and ability to handle stress fatigue.

2. What are the sizes available for PVC pipe?

    1. Sizatuff mPVC pipe is available in sizes 50mm up to 630mm
    2. Sizaflo uPVC pipe is available in sizes 50mm up to 630mm
    3. TOM500 PVC-O is available in sizes 90mm up to 800mm

3. Does PVC pipe have an SANS standard and specification?

    1. Yes, Sizatuff mPVC is manufactured to SANS 966 part 2.
    2. Sizaflo uPVC is manufactured to SANS 966 part 1.
    3. TOM500 PVC-O is manufactured to SANS 16422.

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