Angola fish farm


  • total required meters of piping for this project was 12 000m.
  • Total PVC tons supplied 155 tons.
  • 17 x 40’’ Full nested containers
  • Pressure classes from class 6 to class 16
  • Diameters – 250, 315, 355, 400, 450
  • Material  – PVC-M and PVC-O

Sizabantu exports supplied all the piping and required associated fittings for this project up the west coast of Africa for a local fish farm breeding Tilapia fish for export which the government erected to assist the local communities. Three bumpy flights later and representatives from Sizabantu were on site to assist the contractors with correct installation procedures ensuring the pipeline and fittings would assist the farm and community with years of correct and maximum reticulation. The beautiful arael drone pictures show the size of this operation. We are proud to have been associated with this incredible project.