2 300 00 meters supplied

Since introducing TOM500 PVC-O, SIZABANTU PIPING SYSTEMS has supplied more than 2.3 million meters throughout Southern Africa. Sizes range from 110mm diameter up to 800mm diameter and in pressure classes from 12.5 bar to 25 bar. Many milestones have been reached throughout this period, and SIZABANTU was the first to supply 800mm TOM500 PVC-O. Since then, we have consistently delivered a product to pipelines and Bulk Water Pipelines that does not corrode, needs no protection against stray electrical currents, has no lining or coating, is easy to install and has 100 year design life.

SIZABANTU also has a CESA accredit presentation we can present to Civil Engineers requiring CPD points. The presentation is free of charge and is approximately 90 minutes. It attracts 0.5 CPD points and will clearly illustrate the technological advances in Thermoplastics and why TOM500 PVC-O has changed the landscape for design of Bulk Water Pipelines.

For more information about projects we have supplied, visit our website at www.sizabantu.com or contact us at proudly@sizabantu.com